*Full disclosure, I work here. This is my personal experience.


It’s not often that I find myself out before 8AM on a record breakingly cold Saturday morning, let alone carrying sneakers and ready to hit the gym. In fact, this was a first.


This particular Saturday, YellowBike was doing its soft launch, with free classes for the trying, and I was looking to pedal my way out of the mid-winter blues.


Like most people, I am not in “gym shape”. In fact, depending on the company I keep, I can look quite like “before picture” shape, so heading into a gym at all can be kind of intimidating, but giving in to fear has never gotten me what I want. Plus, Fern promised that all the classes offered at YellowBike are designed to meet you where you are, so that you can chase your best at every level.


And Kristine, my instructor, was super kind when she found out it was my first ride. She told me to do my best, and just keep pedalling, which sounded fair.


Between the killer tunes (I sang along while wiping the sweat), and the vibe of us all riding together, pushing together, literally cheering and clapping together, the class flew by. I felt like I danced out of the room, and the first words I heard were how fresh and vibrant I looked, which was the cherry on top of it all.


I didn’t feel worn out; to the contrary, I felt energized, and super proud of myself, which made me feel ten feet tall, and gave me a charge that no one told me would be so great.


And if they had told me, would I have listened? Could I have really understood? I’m pretty sure the only way to really know, is to challenge yourself to a ride. If I can do it, you certainly can too.


See you on the indoor trails 😉