Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas work by directly heating up your body without warming the surrounding air; making breathing easier in the sauna. The infrared rays penetrate into deep muscles and tissues to help alleviate pain and relax sore muscles. They are great for muscle rehabilitation!

Health benefits

  1. weight loss and improved wellbeing
  2. immune system boost through triggering certain immune cells to work more efficiently
  3. detoxification through blood stimulation and increased perspiration
  4. reduces cellulite and improves skin through deep tissue and muscle warming
  5. eases muscle and joint pain through battling inflammation
  6. reduces mental and physical stress and fatigue



There are different colors available within the saunas, all benefiting your well being. These colors are separated into 7 main groups of rays, similar to sun rays that are absorbed by our bodies.

  1. Red: targets circulation and nervous systems
  2. Green: helps reduce stress and nervous tensions
  3. Strong Green: provides anti-infectious and regenerative stimulation
  4. Blue: address nerves and circulatory systems
  5. Strong Blue: helps minimize stress and nervous tensions, while also lubricating joints
  6. Orange: energizes and aims to eliminate localized fat. Also aids asthma and bronchitis
  7. Yellow: opens pores and purifies the skin, while also aiding indigestion and physical stress
  8. Strong Yellow: strengthens the body through acting on deep tissues and muscles
  9. Indigo: helps eliminate impurities from the bloodstream
  10. Strong Indigo: focuses on ocular fatigue and eye inflammations
  11. Violet: relaxes the lymphatic system and helps with inflammation and urinary illness
  12. Strong Pink: acts as a cleanser for arteries and veins