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We’re Jenni + Mimi, creators of the N5Diet and founders of Naughty Nutrition.

We’re research-lovin’ nutrition mavens, and we’ve made it our mission to connect you with the most accurate, up-to date, science-based health resources alongside simple, delicious & healthy recipes and meal planning ideas — all without any of the BS attached!

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The diet plan that teaches you
how to stop dieting!

Find YOUR healthy
5 weeks, 5 steps, 5 ingredients or less

Good health takes time to build and establish, and we know that it’s the small changes that add up over time that really make or break a lifelong health success story.

But, we also know that life is busy, and this is actually one of the biggest reasons why people fall off of their plans or revert back to old eating habits – they’re just too busy for their health!

We realized a while ago that health didn’t mean eating 100% whole foods cooked from scratch, ALL. THE. TIME.

This is why we created the N5Diet.

The N5Diet Program is a simple, yet comprehensive plan that was designed for busy people to totally and completely simplify health especially for those who are…

  • Constantly on-the-go
  • Who like to eat out
  • Who sometimes miss meals
  • And who just need the most simple solutions for all of life’s crazy scenarios
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The program is 5 weeks, 5 steps and contains over 125 recipes all made with 5-ingredients or less.

This ‘non-diet’ diet plan also gives you access to:

  • 5 signature steps to healthy living for every type of person (that doesn’t require you to quit all your fave foods like some diet plans do) but can still help you shed the extra pounds and feel better.
  • Guide to packaged foods: includes 50+ healthy brands (for those times when you can’t be bothered cooking).
  • Simple video tutorials (2 minutes or less!), and how-to’s on keeping it simple and teaching you the basics.
  • Shopping & label reading tutorial. Let us take you on a virtual grocery store shop to help you make better food choices — where it all starts.
  • Access to a private N5Diet community group with oodles of support.
  • Simple handouts & cheat sheets that will teach you how to start applying your new healthy habits to your lifestyle with ease and without worry.
  • Substitutions and modifications for all diet needs: GF, grain-free, soy-free, nut-free, paleo, vegan; each recipe will have a guide that tells you what diet that recipe belongs to, making it super easy to follow if you need to apply dietary restrictions.

And much more!

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This is a long-term health solution that incorporates real life strategies and simple tutorials on how to make health stick – even for the busiest of busy bodies.

Did you also know that the N5Diet Program is truly about community & giving back?

We support the Daily Bread Food Bank – an effort to reduce hunger & poverty, tackling greenhouse gas emission & food waste. And it’s become our mission to give back to the community, and do our part in reducing food waste as well. That’s why Naughty Nutrition will donate $5 to the Daily Bread Food Bank for every program sold!

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