Electrical Stimulation Training (EMS)

EMS is a new training program that works through small electrodes placed on clothing. These electrodes work to stimulate the muscles through external electrical impulses that mimic actions created by the central nervous system of the body. It is an external technology that helps workout the muscles more efficiently. We are using wireless VisionBody Power Suits – newest EMS technology created in Germany. 20 electrodes on the VisionBody Power Suit are divided into 8 different muscle groups.

Increased Muscle Definition

EMS uses electric impulses that stimulate muscles at higher intensity than conventional training techniques. This makes the muscles both stronger and more responsive depending on one’s targets.

Work out More Through Working out Less

The electrical impulses target deep muscles that are tough to target through regular workouts. Through these electrical impulses, muscles work harder in a shorter time span. Your workout will be complete within 20 minutes!

Target Specific Areas

EMS technology allows for one to focus on a specific area in the body. Through increasing the percentage of electric impulse strength in certain areas, EMS allows for specific muscle group targeting and balancing the strength and endurance of various muscle groups within the body. You can specify this before any workout!

Gentle on the Joints

EMS puts no strain on any joints in the body because EMS does not depend on high impact exercises or on weights during the workout. This makes risk of injury very minimal.